Adoption Support and Counseling
Adoption Support and Counseling

Adoption is exciting, challenging, and overwhelming.  Adoptive parents have to figure out who they are after the adoption.  In addition to the normal learning curves of parenthood, adoptive parents have to navigate a relationship with someone new.  When you adopt a child, it’s important to understand the unique challenges adopted children face.  Adopted children often struggle to develop their identities and to figure out how different parts of their family history fits with who they are.  They have to juggle their biological history, adoptive history, and personal identity.  Adoption support from Breathe Counseling can help you navigate the tricky waters of adoption whether you’re an adopted child or adoptive parent.

For Adopted Children

Whether you grew up knowing you were adopted or just found out, your identity is impacted by it.  If you just found out, you may feel shaken, especially if you grew up thinking you knew your parents.  You may wonder who you really are, and what adoption means for your understanding of yourself.  Maybe you’re struggling with anger toward your adoptive parents.  Perhaps you feel abandoned by your biological family.

If you grew up knowing your background, you may wonder why you feel like something’s missing.  You may be curious about your biological family but nervous about looking into your past.  You may even have unresolved bitterness, or wonder if your biological parents really cared about you.

No matter when you learned about your adoption, Breathe Counseling will help you sort out all of the emotions that come with it.  We’ll work with you to figure out who you are and where different parts of your identity might come from.  We’ll discuss options for reconciling your past, integrating it with your present, and using it to inform your future.

For Adoptive Parents

If you’ve recently adopted a child, you likely have a thousand questions.  For example, you may be wondering how to talk about adoption with your child.  You may have concerns about the needs of adopted kids and how they differ from the needs of natural children.  Family relationships in adoptive families can seem hazy and complicated.  Likewise, it can be hard to manage relationships between biological and adoptive families.  Other issues that can arise include race, disability, and unexpected health issues.  These challenges make adoption daunting.

Even experienced adoptive parents face unique roadblocks.  Rest assured we’re here to help you get around them.  Your child may want to seek out their biological parents, and you may have fears for their safety.  You want the best for child, and you walk a delicate balance between support and protection.   You may have seen concerning behavior or even crime that seems out of character for your child.  Our adoption support counseling gives you guidance, security, and peace.

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