Skyrocket my Career
Skyrocket my Career

Career coaching can help you achieve the work-life balance you long for. A third of your life is spent at work.  Shouldn’t that time fill you up instead of draining you?  Imagine leaving work with less stress than you came into the office with.  How would your life look different if you had a job that made you feel alive?  If you want to brag to friends and family about the money you make while doing what you love.    I have years of experience and practical training in career coaching and entrepreneurship consulting and I will accelerate your career journey.  I’ve owned multiple successful businesses, and I found my passion in this–coaching people exactly like you who are stuck in the rat race I escaped.

Improve career satisfaction

We’ll evaluate the things keeping you from living your dream.  As a career coach, I’ll help you navigate challenging interpersonal relationships at work.  We’ll process through feeling greedy for asking for that promotion or raise.  We’ll strategize for a change if the problem is just the wrong approach to your career.  Then, we’ll come up with an action plan to break through those barriers, build your confidence, and activate what you don’t know that you know about yourself.  Your career satisfaction will skyrocket.  Your stress levels will plummet, and you’ll feel lighter and happier all around.

Transition to a fulfilling career

Sometimes career dissatisfaction comes down to the wrong job–it doesn’t mean you’re a bad employee or a stupid person.  Sometimes jobs just aren’t a good fit, and that’s okay.  We will work together to identify your strengths, priorities, and abilities, then we’ll find the perfect niche for your individual needs.  I’ll combine our in-depth conversations with formal, proprietary assessments to help you uncover things you may not be aware you care about.  Your niche can make or break your career–let me help you get into the right one.

Start or grow your business

Starting a business is daunting, and growing one can feel like pushing water up a mountain.  My marketing experience and ability to help you connect with the right resources will propel you up that mountain faster than you can imagine.  It’s vital to make the right connections and align yourself with people who have been down that road before.  A career coach like me should be your first connection.  I’ll help you narrow your target market based on who you are and who you want to serve.  We’ll find your “secret sauce” that sets you apart from your competition and access the right people for your products or services.

Transform your money mindset

The wealthiest business owners share one mindset: follow the passion, not the dollar.  When you let go of your profit, your passion will shine and your patrons will notice.  I’ll help you prioritize your heart and your passion to make your business fulfilling for you, impactful for the community, and profitable for your bottom line.

One of the many tools I use is called the Holland Code Test.  It looks at your personality traits and job aptitudes to give you some ideas to look into. Take this proven career assessment for free to jumpstart your exploration!


Once you finish the Holland Code test, send me your three-letter code and set up a free consultation to get started on your career coaching journey!  You can learn more about career development on my blog page.

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