Grief Counseling
Grief Counseling

Weighed down by Grief?

We offer grief and loss counseling in Greeley, Colorado.

The 5 Stages of Grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.  We assume these are linear, logical, and happen in order.  Actually, grief is more like a ball of yarn than a yardstick–it tumbles in and out, over and under itself, and you never know what you’re going to get from one day to the next.  You also never hear about the other emotions of grief, like guilt, abandonment, and even relief or joy.  It may sound strange to say you might feel happy after you lose a loved one, but that’s just how unpredictable and strange grief can be.  You might feel all of these things or none of them, and that’s okay.  You don’t have to do it alone.  Our grief counseling services can help.  We’re accepting new clients for our grief and loss programs both in-person and online.

How Long Does Grief Last?

Every relationship is unique, and so is every grief.  We recommend that you wait at least three months after a death or loss to make big decisions like selling a house.  This is because those first three months tend to be the most chaotic, and it’s important to get your feet under you before making commitments.  We also understand waiting isn’t always possible, especially with bills and life stress piling up.  Keep in mind, you may need more or less time than other people, and that’s okay.  We’re here to help you make those tough decisions and organize your thoughts.

What Causes Grief?

This may seem like an obvious question, but the answer may surprise you.  Grief happens any time you lose something significant in your life.  This could be losing a job, getting divorced, sending your kid off to college, or death.  You can grieve losing something you didn’t think you cared about, like the death of a mean-spirited relative, a toxic job you chose to leave, or an abusive spouse.  Grief for these things can be confusing because you might feel that you shouldn’t be sad.  That’s just how grief works.  It’s unpredictable, unexpected, and completely normal.  We know some of the things to expect and are here to walk with you down this road.

Can Grief Counseling Help Me Get Over It?

We don’t like the term “get over.”  We prefer to say you’ll get through your grief.   You may be in a rush to feel better so you can get on with life.  You will, but it takes time.  The only way through grief is to give yourself the time and space to experience everything grief offers you.  Take comfort in good days, allow yourself bad days, and do what feels right to you.  No one else can tell you how to grieve or what to feel.  Your body and your mind know what’s right for you and it’s important to honor that.  We can help you move through your grief as quickly as possible while making sure to stop at all the necessary places to keep your grief healthy.

We are located conveniently in Greeley, Colorado, and offer grief counseling for all kinds of loss and bereavement from death, to divorce, to career transition.


More information about grief can be found in our blog.



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