Improve My Relationships
Improve My Relationships
Find a Soulmate

There’s nothing better than coming home to your perfect partner.  Finding someone you connect with completely is one of the greatest joys in life.  Many people look for that special someone without realizing the only way to find them is to find yourself.  When you don’t know yourself, you don’t know what your soul longs for in a partner.  Interpersonal coaching helps you find yourself so you can make deep connections that lead to lifelong love.

Develop Emotional Intimacy

People today, men especially, struggle to find emotional intimacy with others.  We also struggle to find emotional intimacy within ourselves.  This comes from discomfort with intense feelings and from society’s pressure.  Interpersonal coaching makes you more comfortable with your emotions.  That emotional comfort helps you get in touch with those deep places you might be scared to go.  You’ll find emotional colors within yourself you never knew you could paint with.

Clearly Communicate your Needs

Strong communication skills are essential to every area of your life.  Communication is essential in everything from work to romance. Strong communication is easier when you feel secure about yourself and who you are.  By exploring your unique communication style and needs, we will improve your relationships all around.  Want a preview of some of the things interpersonal coaching looks at?  Take this free version of my communication test to gain insight into how you communicate with the world.

Build Trust in all your Relationships

Trust is important, and so easily damaged.  If you feel that you can’t trust your boss or coworkers, your stress levels skyrocket.  Your workplace becomes toxic, and your productivity drops.  When trust is broken in a romantic relationship, you may feel worthless and confused.  You may distance yourself from your significant other, trying to protect yourself from further betrayal.  When you can’t trust the people close to you, you may find yourself doubting yourself.  You might feel like you’re crazy, or like you don’t know what’s real in your life.  I’ll help you get in touch with yourself and stay grounded in the truth.

On the other side, you may struggle to be trustworthy in your work or relationships. Interpersonal coaching helps you rebuild broken trust with friends, coworkers, and significant others.  You may lie despite your best efforts to be truthful.  You may think you’re broken or a monster.  I’ll help you figure out how to be true to yourself so that you can be true to others.

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