Invest in Personal Growth
Invest in Personal Growth

Personal growth coaching reintroduces you to yourself. Together we’ll explore the deepest reaches of your inner self.  We’ll work to uncover your intrinsic motivations and drives, piecing together who you are at your very heart.  On this incredible journey, you will discover how to be happy and fulfilled and will find the meaning of your life. 

Reconnect with Your Lost Self

You’re busy.  Maybe you have three screaming toddlers, maybe you work sixty-hour weeks, maybe you’re in school chasing your dreams, and maybe you’re doing all of that at once.  With so much responsibility and so many tasks tugging at your mind, it’s so easy to lose yourself in the mundane.  Maybe you’ve just retired, or changed careers, or you’ve found yourself in an empty house for the first time in two decades.  Maybe you’re wondering “what now?” and you feel like you have no idea who you are anymore.  I’ll dig deep into your passions, your hobbies, and the parts of yourself you’ve lost touch with.  By doing this deep dive into your who you are, I help you reconnect with your soul.  This process enables you to find the passion missing from your life.

Feel Like Enough

You can wake up every morning feeling satisfied and more than adequate.   What would it feel like to go through your day unbothered by degrading comments?  Picture yourself going to bed with a full heart and a quiet mind.  As your personal growth coach, I’ll help you lean into yourself and find the confidence you’ve been missing.  I’ll empower you and help you stand up for yourself and your sufficiency.

Discover the Core of Your Identity

When you know yourself at the deepest level, you unlock your power and potential.  Your vision becomes clear, your path more visible, and your destination shines brighter.  Personal growth coaching helps you become laser-focused and driven toward your goals like a train–energized and unstoppable. Exploring the parts of yourself you don’t know is a challenging, exhilarating process.  Working with me will make that process as thorough and frustration-free as possible

Find and Chase Your Purpose

Every morning I wake up excited for the day’s work.  My wife will tell you the first thing I do after I pour my coffee is grab my laptop.  If I could, I’d work from 6:00AM to 10:00PM because I’m living my purpose.  Your purpose may not be in work–it could be something else.  That’s okay.  I want you to have the joy I’ve found simply by discovering my purpose and living true to it  I won’t tell you it’s easy–if it were, you wouldn’t need me–but I will tell you it’s possible.  It’s possible, achievable, and within your grasp.  With my help and my passion we can launch you toward that purpose and into the excitement of living the most satisfying life you can imagine.

Live true to yourself
You can be authentically you in everything you do.  You can set goals and boundaries based on your needs, not the needs of someone else. Through personal growth coaching, I’ll help you identify your priorities and sort them out from priorities forced on you.  You’ll find the things that truly matter float to the top naturally, while everything else goes down the drain.  You’ll have more energy, more patience, and more joy in your life.  You won’t feel as burdened by expectations.  Most importantly, you’ll learn not to “should” yourself, or let others should on you.  Imagine the freedom, peace, and the lightness that comes with prioritizing the right things.

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