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Be the Most You You Can Be


Hello! I’m Ryan Smith, The “Who Are You” Guy.  I’m glad you’re here.  I’m a counselor, trauma therapist, and personal growth coach.  I help lost people reconnect with themselves to live purposeful, passionate, peaceful lives.

What does it mean to “Be the most you?”

Being the most you means living life uninhibited.  It means understanding who you are and what you need to feel whole.  It means waking up in the morning knowing exactly where you’re meant to be.  You can live your purpose.  You can chase your passions.  You can be at peace when the day is done.  What would your life look like if you had the success and passion you dream of?  Let’s find out.

What’s keeping you from being the most you?

Spend a few moments thinking about who you are in the deepest parts of yourself.  What is your mission in the world?  How are you expressing that mission?  What does it mean to be true to yourself? If you’re like nearly half of Americans, you know the characters of your favorite TV show better than you know yourself.  One of the most popular internet searches is “who am I?”  I’m here to help you find the answer.

How can life coaching and therapy help you find what’s missing?

The better you know yourself and what you’re about, the more powerful you’ll be.  When you know yourself, and what you need, you have a clearer picture of how your unique abilities can propel you to your dreams. Life coaching and counseling can help you clarify your purpose and your mission.  Each takes a different approach, but both help you find your passion, live your purpose and feel at peace at the end of the day.

If your purpose feels far off and hazy, or non-existent; if you can’t answer the question “what is the meaning of my life?”; if you know there’s something out there for you but it feels totally out of reach, life coaching and therapy could be your answer.

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What My Clients Say


Ryan helped me see that my career was beating me up.  He helped me figure out who I am and what I need from life.  I'm so much happier in my job and my marriage.

Michael P.52

I couldn't even leave my house I was so anxious in crowds.  Now I enjoy walks in the park and I don't break down in the grocery store.  I never thought I'd see the day!  Thanks Ryan!

Robin L.43

I was torn between two jobs.  Ryan helped me find my passion.  I'm making more money with less stress, and it's all because of this program.

Susan W.48

My wife and me were talking about divorce. After meeting with Ryan for a few months, we were able to fix our communication problems.  We have hope for the future now, and we're closer than ever. Thank you for your help!

Bill F.60

I just graduated college and felt lost.  Ryan's personal growth coaching set me on a new path that I feel really good about!

Justin C.25

I finally feel like I have answers.  Ryan never pushed me, but he helped me find my voice and guided me to what was already inside me.  It's been such a relief.

Clara C.32


Coaching focuses on goals to propel you into your future.  A life coach or personal growth coach can help you smash through obstacles, tackle your dreams, and achieve success.  By working with a coach, you will develop a stronger sense of who you are, get to know your inner desires, and make a plan for your future.  Your coach is your ally, your cheerleader, and your drill sergeant.  I’ll hold fight beside you through barriers, celebrate your victories, and hold you accountable to continued progress.



Counseling addresses the things we carry with us from the past.  A counselor or therapist helps you dig into the causes of thoughts, behaviors, and feelings that keep you from reaching your dreams.  Through counseling, you will better understand yourself and what you need in order to be the person you want to be.  Your counselor is your mirror, your mentor, and your guide.  I’ll help you look at yourself to deepen and develop your identity.  I’ll help you find your voice, and I’ll give you the tools you need to stay on the path you want to travel.

Success Stories

a truly life-changing moment

Melissa and Adam’s story:

“We lost a baby and it hit me really hard.  I blamed Adam, I blamed myself, and in the grief, I lost who I was.  Before I knew it, we were on the edge of divorce.  You never see that coming, but looking back it makes sense.  I did grief therapy with Ryan for a year and I’m doing much better.  I won’t lie, it’s still hard.  The grief is still there, but it’s not devastating and we both know ourselves better now.”

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